HCPSS and greeNEWit Partnership Teaches Energy Efficiency Through STEM

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Ellicott City, Md.— greeNEWit is partnering with the Howard County Public School System to teach students about energy efficiency and environmental consciousness through STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)- based lessons. The partnership was formalized with an official signing Tuesday, March 3 at the Sheraton Columbia Waterside Restaurant, 10207 Wincopin Circle.

Through its OUR Schools Program, greeNEWit will collaborate with HCPSS elementary schools to offer interactive and educational programming that highlights how students can make a large collective impact on the environmental footprint. Using STEM concepts, greeNEWit representatives will share with students how homes and businesses achieve energy saving and sustainability goals. greeNEWit also will serve as a resource for schools seeking or renewing green school certification by the Maryland Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education. This partnership is aligned with Vision 2018 strategies to provide authentic learning experiences to solve real-world problems.

Howard County Board of Education Member Ellen Flynn Giles; and HCPSS Deputy Superintendent Linda Wise, Executive Director School Improvement and Administration Frank Eastham, and Coordinator of Elementary Science Amy Reese joined greeNEWit Co-Founders Jason Jannati and Josh Notes and Co-Director of OUR Schools Gabe Bustos to sign the formal partnership agreement at the March 3 event.

greeNEWit Partners with Howard County Public School System

The HCPSS Partnerships Office unites businesses and community organizations with schools to enhance the educational experience. Partnerships benefit schools, businesses, and the entire community by leveraging the resources of all participants. Partners may commit human or financial resources or other support.

greeNEWit helps homeowners and businesses adopt best practices to cut costs and achieve energy savings. The OUR Schools Program teaches students how everyone is connected to the environment and how small daily behaviors can have a large impact on society. To learn more about how you can greeNEWit, click here or call the office at 866.994.7639.