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Thadius Sale

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Want to know how Thadius Sale received energy intelligence from a greeNEWit energy analyst and got $200 in free products?


The Becker's

Thursday, January 30, 2014

greeNEWit performed a quick home energy check-up at the into the home of Michael and Hillary Becker in April of 2013.


Judah Zelinger

Thursday, January 30, 2014

greeNEWit provided Rabbi Zelinger with tips to improve his home. See how small changes will lower his monthly utility bills. 

Josh Massey

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Josh and Missa Massey are on track to save nearly 7,000 gallons of water and 404 pounds of CO2 a year.


To greeNEWit, Entrepreneurship is the Ability to Create Something from Nothing; Being a Visionary That Can Bring Ideas to Life

Entrepreneurship – The spirit of entrepreneurship is deeply embedded in our culture, one that is hungry for positive growth and change. We channel this passion through every member of the organization.

Leadership – This is ability to plan, organize and execute. Everything we do is managed and documented. We instill the discipline needed for effective time management and the self-management skills to plan, organize and implement an idea that did not otherwise exist.

Teamwork – While team size and individual roles vary, one principle remains constant across the board: communication. We encourage the open exchange of ideas as well as the maturity to be an active and engaging member of a functional team, understanding when to listen and when to lead.

Motivation – Motivation is not something you can teach, but is something you can foster. By empowering students with ownership, they believe in themselves in a way they may never have before. Combined with a culture hinged on connectedness and communication, greeNEWit has developed a strong passion for inspiring others in the same way we have been inspired ourselves.

STEM Nights

Friday, January 24, 2014

Students and families participate in after-school STEM programming featuring hands-on activities that dive deeper into topics related to energy efficiency and renewable energy, along with sustainable food and waste. 

Developing a Sustainable Model for Success

From an idea to a business plan, we work to show firsthand what it takes to develop a sustainable model for success. Agents of Change interested in corporate sustainability are encouraged to assist in the two creative social projects of greeNEWit:

  1. OUR Schools Program - We created this program to teach energy conservation education for free in schools.
  2. Cleats for Bare Feet - This initiative collects boys and girls second-hand cleats (athletic shoes) and sporting equipment and sends them to children across the globe.

All relevant training will be provided on-site with either the OUR Schools Program Director, Director of Development or Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

Agents of Change will report to their direct supervisor at the end of each week with a progress report. Both will act as as supervisors and are responsible for delegating tasks.

Other Benefits
We motivate young people to remain in school, further education and venture into business. We assist with college applications and support personal development through our mentor program.

Positive attitude and the desire to succeed. Work experience for Career Experience Agents of Change must relate to academic study. (i.e. economics, public relations, social media, etc.).

Choose from a Student Work Study or Career Experience Program

The Agent of Change Student Work Study program engages high school students to work at greeNEWit as volunteers (in an unpaid capacity) for valuable work experience and school credit directly related to their interests and field of study.

The Agent of Change Career Experience program is available to college students for valuable work experience directly related to academic field of study. Students will work in exchange for educational credit as part of their internship. This program may lead to part-time or full-time employment opportunities.

The Presentation

Friday, January 24, 2014

Energy Detectives from greeNEWit provide free Green Schools assemblies on the importance of STEM as it relates to various aspects of environmental sustainability, including energy, water, food, and waste.

Why greeNEWit?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Where Collaboration Meets Innovation

greeNEWit is a place where collaboration meets innovation, and to do so we have created an open and trusting environment where honest communication reigns supreme. We foster the generation and sharing of ideas by introducing Agents of Change to projects that will continually challenge their knowledge base and provoke socially aware responses. The AOC Internship Program while exuding the key principles of greeNEWit, an organization founded to help society become energy efficient by building sustainable communities and better economies by conserving the use of natural resources. We involve the community to support continued education, humanitarian advancement and economic development.